What is the PoweringFlorida™ Resource Center?

The Resource Center is an analysis toolbox for communities as well as site consultants and businesses that are interested in investing in Florida. The Center blends a proprietary platform for regional evaluation and assessment with third party data sources. This includes OneSource, a detailed database of over 18 million companies around the globe. Additionally, Florida's state procurement database is integrated showing companies that are contracting with the state of Florida. All of these resources are combined in one place to generate leads for the communities of Florida.

How do I obtain a password?

When you register for access to the Resource Center, you choose and confirm your own password when you develop your account profile. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters including at least 1 number or special character.

For site consultants and/or expanding businesses: why must I enter project specific information?

The Resource Center is a community evaluation tool that may be used for project specific purposes. As an expanding business or site selection consultant, this information is important to qualify use of the Resource Center. You are able to confidentially explore Florida's communities to evaluate information that will help you in the site location process.

How long must I wait for access after registration?

FPL staff evaluates each registration request. You will receive notification within 72 hours, although we will make our best effort to process your request as soon as possible.

How long do I have access to the Resource Center?

For economic development organizations, you have permanent access to the Resource Center. For site consultants and expanding businesses, initial access is typically 2 weeks subject to extension through conversation with FPL economic development staff.

What are the elements of the dashboard?

The dashboard includes a corporate profile of the day, a news feed from Enterprise Florida and Reuters business news, an event calendar, and links to both the Regional Evaluator and Targeting Browser tools. It is intended to be a snapshot of the capabilities of the Resource Center.

How were the Corporate Profiles of the Day chosen?

Corporate profiles are a mixture of interesting companies both in Florida and around the globe. In general, these companies fall within growth sectors and have significant expansion possibility. The information contained within the corporate profile is a snapshot of the information available through OneSource, which is integrated into the Resource Center Targeting Browser tool. More information on each company is available by downloading the full report on the Profile, or through OneSource. A list of all past Corporate Profiles are available by selecting "View all corporate profiles."

What is contained within the newsfeed?

The news is a continuous stream of RSS feeds from both Enterprise Florida and Reuters.

What is contained within the upcoming events section?

This is a listing of pertinent trade events and conferences that may be helpful for economic development organizations to attend. It is a selection of events available through Enterprise Florida and other trade organizations around the globe.

What is the Regional Evaluator?

The Regional Evaluator is a combination of two sub-modules that allow users to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their region. The sub-modules are a corporate inventory and location factor matching tool.

What is the Corporate Inventory?

The Corporate Inventory allows users to fully understand what businesses exist in their community based on six digit NAICS coding across major industry sectors. This helps to identify industry clustering and existing workforce structure. This function may be performed for the user's county only, or a combination of several counties to better understand regional industry patterns. Users may select all industries or choose specific industries for analysis. Results may be filtered by size, sales, ownership and entity type.

What is the Location Factor Matching Tool?

The Location Factor Matching tool is a powerful tool to help economic development professionals better understand the mix of location factors used by businesses across major industry sectors while evaluating potential sites for future investment. It also assists regional EDOs to evaluate strengths and weaknesses against these location factors. Additionally, users may compare regional location factor results against industry requirements to identify probability of business attraction.

What is a regional location factor evaluation and how is an evaluation completed?

A regional location factor evaluation is created by the user for his/her county or a combination of several counties using the "Manage My Locations" module. On a scale of zero to 10, the user scores the selected region's assets against each location factor relevant to a specific industry sector. This can be done intuitively or using regional analysis data previously collected by each community. The more objective your self-evaluation, the more objective the results will be. Using the zero to 10 ranking scale, five is the industry norm. A value above five means your location is better than the industry norm for that factor. Users may store as many custom locations as necessary within this module.

What are "industry requirements" and how were they obtained?

Industry requirements are a list of weighted factors companies in specific industry sectors consider during the site selection process. The list of industry sectors and weighted location factors were developed by economic development consultants and based upon broad experience and analysis of hundreds of projects. This information is contained within "Industry Sector Corporate View."

What is contained in the "Compare Sector Factors" module?

Following a regional analysis, the next step is to compare the defined region against the industry location standard. This will help you identify your community's relative competitiveness in recruiting specific industries. This analysis identified sectors with the most lead generation potential for business attraction. It also identifies areas of weakness that can be improved.

Where can I obtain labor analysis for my community?

FPL's Office of Economic Development is able to provide a labor analysis from third party vendors for your use. Please contact us at poweringflorida@fpl.com or 888-488-7703.

What is the Targeting Browser?

The Targeting Browser is intended to help economic development organizations build customized lists of companies for recruitment activities. The module utilizes the power of OneSource, which contains detailed corporate information for over 18 million companies worldwide. This browser may be used in building a list of companies within a certain sector and/or geography for a recruitment trip or other recruitment activities.

What is OneSource?

OneSource is a recognized leader in business information solutions; delivering company, executive, and industry intelligence. This intelligence helps economic development organizations specifically target desired companies for recruitment. Research may be based geographically, by industry sector, by growth projections and more. To understand how to better utilize OneSource, please visit the tutorial section of the Resource Center.

How was the list of trade events compiled?

This list comes from selected events hosted by Enterprise Florida and other industry specific trade organizations. It is not at all comprehensive, but provides a good beginning to planning marketing efforts.

When would I use the Government website?

Utilizing the state's procurement portal will reveal companies who are doing business with Florida governmental entities. Some of these companies may not currently be located in Florida, and could potentially benefit from considering expansion into the state.

What is included in the newsfeed?

The newsfeed is intended to give you current and interesting corporate news. The feed pulls RSS feeds from two locations: Enterprise Florida and Reuters. The full feed is available by selecting "View all news." In the future, additional news sources may be added to ensure a rich variety of business news.

What is included in the events section?

The events section is a select listing of trade events, consultant events and events planned by Enterprise Florida and/or Florida Power & Light. This listing is intended to be yet another resource to local economic development organizations that are planning marketing and recruitment outreach.

How do I change a password?

You may change your password from the edit profile page. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters including at least 1 number or special character.

How do I change my email address?

You must complete a new registration request if your email address changes. FPL staff evaluates each registration request. You will receive notification within 72 hours, although we will make our best effort to process your request as soon as possible.