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 Welcome to Web Taxi help
  • Florida Power and Light's (FPL's) Accounting Department has customized a web site for your use in accessing franchise fees and utility taxes reports. This application can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.
  • You may share your ID and password. More than one user can access the web site simultaneously.
  • You can share your ID and password with your auditor in order to verify the information in your financial statements.
  • To improve your ability to forecast future payments you will have access to reports with twelve months of historical information.

 People to contact for help
  • For an ID and password, or for questions regarding the information on the reports, please contact:

Maribel Rosa, ACF/JB at 561-694-4531 or click here to e-mail maribel.rosa@fpl.com

  • If you are not sure who to contact, or you want an easy e-mail address to remember, send your Web TAXI questions and comments to our shared e-mail address: taxi@fpl.com
  • You may want to print this page, and the other help pages, and keep them as useful references.